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The government agency responsible for fostering scientific excellence nearly bankrupted a Canadian company pioneering a breakthrough inexpensive pneumonia vaccine for children because the business was behind on its rent.Pnu Vax, a Montreal biotech company, is the single largest Canadian recipient of funding from the Gates Foundation, arguably the world’s most prestigious charity.Concerned about someone finding out where you’ve been on the net?

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Shocking indeed – particularly given Stewart’s mandate letter calls for him to help build “an entrepreneurial and creative society,” not to mention foster “global science excellence.”Canada spends $160 million on childhood pneumonia vaccine every year and Pnu Vax believes it can shave $100 million off that number, if its low-cost alternative is approved.

The Gersons’ version of events was put to the NRC for comment and it confirmed that it leases land to Pnu Vax.“The company was, in June 2017, in arrears on its land lease payments by almost three years (35 months). This, after all, is a government that has a partnership with the Gates Foundation to fight infectious diseases worldwide — Justin Trudeau met Bill Gates in Montreal last year and pledged $785 million to combat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

By the time the Gersons met Stewart last June, they had already received news they had secured a substantially larger $30-million grant from the Gates Foundation, one that would would cover vaccine development, clinical trials and facility overheads.

That grant was received in September this year, and the NRC says its rent arrears have since been settled.

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