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The Vivoactive is a more accessible version of these, not an Apple Watch rival. The strap is the same sort of simple design you'd find on one of those old digital Casios everyone seems to have owned at some point or another.It's a low-fuss watch for people who don't need to make a fuss to feel like the price is justified.

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Even the futuristic-looking Motorola Moto 360 is that bit too chunky for many. Some smartwatch straps cause quite a lot of skin irritation, this one doesn't.

After wearing the thing for a couple of weeks, there was no sign of a rash on our dainty(ish) wrist.

If you have a spouse or partner then adding them to your insurance policy, as long as they have a clean driver record, can net you a discount of up to 20pc, according to the AA. Even if you receive a renewal quote which seems competitive call your current insurer and others to see if anyone can do better for you. Change the idea of the 'two car family' Most families that have two cars have a 'his' and 'her' car, however car engines have different miles per gallon, with some cars more efficient than others. Depreciation As there are significant costs around depreciation if you buy a brand new car, if you are looking to buy a new car you may be much better off buying a second hand car that it one or two years old – just make sure you buy the car from someone reputable.

The AA calculates the annual cost of motoring each year using a holistic figure that includes the obvious things like fuel, insurance, servicing but also factors in a whole range of other costs.

Get over the lack of brag points, and the Vivoactive is very easy to live with.

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